“Elissa and I look forward to coming every week, and it’s without a doubt our favourite group activity. We love spending time with like minded people, watching the woods change throughout the year, socialising & exploring – whatever the weather.” parent, Wild Babies & Toddlers

“Usually when I leave here, I have a bit of a spring in my step for the rest of the day”… “its been good for me” Alistair, Nature Nurture Adult Wellbeing

Woodland Adventures

Magical memories for school-age children. Explore, learn about wildlife and get inspired by our living world. Fire cooking, dens, environmental art, animal tracking, shelter building, tool and craft work, stream games, camouflage challenges, storytelling and more…

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Adult Wellbeing

Resonance, Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Willow Weaving, Wood carving, Wool Craft, Fire Cooking, Retreats, Wildlife Walks, Wellbeing for adults. Tailored for carers, people who are isolated, at risk of mental health problems, and anyone in need of a break from busy lives. We know that contact with the natural world can transform your state of mind.

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Wild Babies & Toddlers

A twice-weekly drop in group for under 5 year olds and their parents/ carers. From 10-11.45am on Tuesday and Fridays in (BANES) term time. A toddler paced fun adventure of the elements and senses!

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Wild Babies and Toddlers – what the parents say…

 “We love spending time in the woods come rain or shine its a lovely, relaxed welcoming group. The fresh air and chat is a wonderful way to spend our morning.”

“Great to be outside, nice snacks!”

“We love coming – great to be outdoors, lovely activities for the children, and a cup of tea for me – perfect!”

“We love our adventures in the woods. It is so rewarding interacting with nature.”

“I love the peace and tranquility and the chats. Emily loves you and the activities” “We enjoy being outdoors and the activities, dens, animals…”



Weekly Diary 2018-19



Lakeside Mindfulness with Huw Griffiths 10am – 12am
Lakeside Fire Cooking 12am – 2pm
Lakeside Willow Weaving 2pm – 4pm

@ The Community Farm, Chew Magna


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Wood Carving 12.45pm – 2.45pm

@ Bath City Farm, Bath


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Woodland Wellbeing 10am-12 noon

Wildlife Walks/ Woolcraft/ Wood Carving/ Fire Cooking depending on date.

@ The main gate to Greyfield Woods, High Littleton


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Farrington Gurney School afternoon

Ecowild runs sessions with the primary school.



High Littleton Preschool (fortnightly) morning

Ecowild runs sessions with the preschool.



Wild Babies & Toddlers 10am – 11.45am during B&NES term time

@ The start of the track to Greyfield Woods, High Littleton

£4 for 2-5 yr olds, £2 for younger (max cost per family £6)

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Woodland Tai Chi with Huw Griffiths 12-30pm – 2.30pm
Woodland Mindfulness with Huw Griffiths 2.30pm – 4.30pm

@ The main gate to Greyfield Woods, High Littleton


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School Holidays

Longer sessions (4-6 hours) for school age children including teenagers run in every school holiday.

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Seasonal events

We set up a fire in the woods at sunset for the Winter Solstice and the Spring/ Autumn Equinoxes, sharing music and refreshments. Through Mindfulness we take a moment to be aware of the balance of the season. Come and join us to see the woods in darkness and celebrate around a fire in the dark, while candles glimmer all around!

Next event: Woodland Winter Solstice Celebration

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peak bluebell

peak bluebell

The phenomenal bluebells are almost over now, and leaf cover is providing some decent shade for the hot days as well as cover on rainy days. What a great place to spend every season.

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Autumn colour from Amethyst Deceiver and Russula fungi, rowan berry and elder bead jewellry, and beech leaves

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New members of the sett spotted

Until now we thought there were only 5 young badgers resident in the sett, as they have been the only ones visible, but the sett has more occupants than first estimated. And its not this deer who was also caught on the camera trap early one morning! Last night at...

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June 3rd

Here are the latest antics of the baby badgers we are watching... https://vimeo.com/167713281 We're going to be keeping an eye on this family of badgers over the coming months, so watch out for updates. So far there seem to be 5 young and no adults in the sett. They...

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EcoWild is a Community Interest Company and therefore not-for-profit. Its aim is to enhance people’s relationship with their environment, creating inspiring opportunities for engaging with the natural world. In this way the seeds are sown for a long term fascination in the complexity and beauty of nature and a sense of stewardship towards the environment.