Will I / my child be warm enough (in colder months)?

Layers are important on top and bottom, and children should bring a warm change of clothes so there are no worries about warmth if they get over involved in stream play! In general in the colder months it is best to have welly boots or walking boots (old trainers if not) that can easily fit in extra warm socks. If feet are restricted they dont stay warm. Hats, gloves, jumpers, waterproof coats and waterproof trousers all add up to a warm happy child ready to let loose in the woods!

What about clothing in summer?

Long sleeved t-shirts and trousers, with wellies or old trainers should always be worn. Ticks are less likely to be a problem if skin is covered, and long sleeves/ legs are also indicated by our fire and tool safety policies. In the woods it is a few degrees cooler than out in the sunshine as there is permanent shade, so still bring a jumper / coat even if they are just kept in a backpack for when needed.

What about cuts and grazes?

Please cover existing cuts and grazes with a plaster as appropriate and let us know if it is a recent injury. If a child has broken skin it may not be appropriate for them to play in the stream. Please ask us if you have any concerns.

Are toilets available?

When we are in Greyfield Woods there are no toilet facilities and the wild weeor tree weeis encouraged. We can help those children too small to do this alone. Very rarely we need to use our carry home toilet bag for when a child has to do a poo.

Is eating in the woods hygienic?

Before eating we rinse hands in soapy water and then in cold running water before drying with a clean towel and using hand sanitiser. Food is bought, stored and prepared in line with Food Safety Guidelines, and we bring a trolley to assist us with the serving and preparing of food.

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