Caspar had the most wonderful day today . He said he really liked the freedom and the adventure and all the games you played . He particularly like the trust you held in everyone to use sharp tools to whittle with .
Thank you so much for nourishing my son today, Melita.

Woodland Adventure May 2018

Hello again,
For the rest of her life Bella will have fond memories of her thrilling tree – climbing experience with Charlie , the kind , gentle , encouraging tree – surgeon . His mission is to convey his love for trees and the environment , to inspire the young to care for our planet .
As I stayed with Bella throughout the day , I was able to observe the superb coaching taking place , as she almost disappeared from sight , up in the canopy of a wonderful old hornbeam .
Great emphasis was placed on safety , as she was taught to “read” the tree , in order to find an ascent route . She became familiar with the safety – harness , the ropes and carabiners , and was taught two different methods of climbing upwards , plus how to abseil down .
Charlie’s patience , humour and reassurance was evident throughout and thanks to his inspired teaching , Bella overcame any fear and her courage and resilience grew before my eyes .
With grateful thanks ,

Pamela Leah ( Bella’s Granny )

Technical Tree Climbing May 2018

Woodland Adventures

 “This has been a wonderful experience for me… I have learnt so much in such a short time. Will definitely do this again”. Laura
“It was so nice to get out of the Rat Race we live in. Peace in my heart shared with like-minded people. This is an amazing place, run by amazing beautiful kind people. Will be back!” Ken
I’ve had an amazing time, Lovely connecting with like-minded people who want to care for our planet. Thank you for this opportunity to learn how to be more mindful and caring towards ourselves and others. Feel I’m growing spiritually, and a little further along my soul journey, able to let go of ego, toxic thoughts more. Thank you.” Clair
Whilst I sat on the grassy slopes the gentle rain falling lightly on my raincoat I was reminded of how the world is still turning, the planet taking care of its inhabitants.
This weekend has given me unprecedented chance to be mindful for hours on end, and in-between to be aware of our responsibility to take care of our planet.
This weekend has been an awakening, please accept my heartfelt thanks! ?
EcoMindfulness Retreat April 2018
EcoWild Mindfulness

March 2018

“I like the way you are always positive” Ruby

“I thought it was good that when lots of people wanted your help you got round to everyone quickly” Billy

“I liked all the chances we had to make things” Zack

“I was really happy about the rope swing I made!” Bobby

“Its really good because you never tell anyone off” Ruby

“The Hurricane rescue scenario was so great, I enjoyed that” Sam

“Whittling a spiral was so good; it was hard but I was pleased with the result” Harry


Farrington Gurney School, Class 4

Mindfulness in the Woods Retreat May 2017

Ironically I nearly didn’t come as I’m “so busy”!! I’m so glad I did. From the minute I set foot in the woods, surrounded by a stunning sea of bluebells, i felt my whole self completely relax and knew in that moment it was absolutely what I needed. Its been so good to be still in nature for a day, expertly guided by Huw and his team, surrounded by lovely, like-minded people, sharing food, conversation, stillness and peace. thank you all!

A unique experience combining two things I enjoy: mindfulness and the outdoors. Greyfield Wood was an idyllic setting for this mindfulness day especially at this time of year when the wood was carpeted in bluebells.

Excellent day with nature and like-minded people. Best bit- whittling! How to improve; make it a weekend under canvas? The creative nature of the day helped to still the mind. I liked the focus on self-ness not selfishness! Camp fires are always a good idea!


EcoWild Mindfulness

Mindfulness in the Woods

I didn’t know what to expect but it was brilliant.

The course has been amazing. My mental health, especially my anxiety has really improved. DM

It has taken me back to a childhood memory of playing in the woods, which I loved and felt most free. MT

I like to get out and enjoy the woods. I wouldn’t have done the Mindfulness course in a village hall. EP

Great just to get out in the woods every week. SS

Its helped me get some space to think, sort out my feelings. Fresh air and wellbeing, Peace and Quiet. Skills to calm and relax. CH

It has made me so much more aware of the nature around me and the beauty of things that surround us. Thank you so much Emily and Huw – a great opportunity to expand my horizons! CB

It has been great to connect with other people and the natural environment in such lovely surroundings. To slow down, stop and consider has been really useful. AP

Autumn 2016

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for this afternoon.
We felt blessed to spend such a restful, welcoming and nurturing time in the woods with you and the cake was utterly delicious!


I’ve taken a call from a lady today who came along to the woodland wellbeing course yesterday. She has various medical issues and also public transport issues so she really was very happy about yesterday’s session and so grateful to everyone who helped her with her walking/bad foot. We’ve had a very long chat today and she wanted me to tell you how happy she was with the session yesterday and she has told loads of her friends about the course.

Nature Nurture - Woodland Wellbeing

I want it to start all over again, I feel like I’m on Safari!

Lewis's Party 8th May

I think EcoWild is epic. I’m writing with a pencil we made.  George

EcoWild is cool and fun.  Harry

EcoWild is amazing.  Wesley

I think EcoWild is the best.  Luca

EcoWild- we have so much fun everyone loves it.  Dan

I really like EcoWild because we always make stuff.  Jake

EcoWild is amazing.  Eloisa

Bee Class loved EcoWild.  Pascale

Fabulous Forest school.  Mrs Stephens

Year 3 St Marys Primary School Timsbury

It helps in more ways that I could put into words.  Everything about me just feels better.  I feel like me, I feel free.   M

Extremely enjoyable, so well organised and friendly.  Would encourage other people to attend.   B

Has helped with an extra bit of routine.  And will be thinking of another course.  S

I feel more relaxed, it gets me out more, nice people here.  Thanks.  B

I feel more confident and useful.   A

Taking time away from family responsibilities and commitment allows me to focus on my own needs.   K

Nature Nurture Adult Wellbeing Group

Coming out with EcoWild is ….

Amazing I loved it

Love it, it’s full of fun

It was great

I loved it and really don’t want it to stop

It was fun and I loved it- Yasmin

It was fantastic


I loved how amazingly they taught us to love the outdoors

I enjoyed the milkshake

I really enjoyed it 🙂

I love ecowild

I really enjoyed Ecowild

I really enjoyed EcoWild – Ben

It was amazing I really enjoyed it

I really enjoyed it because of the challenge of lighting the fires- Lucas 🙂

I couldn’t wait to go out

It was great

I loved it

I thought it was amazing 🙂

Eagles Year 6, St. Mary's Timsbury

“This course has positively affected my day to day wellbeing” 6/7 people completely agreed, 1 neither agreed nor disagreed.

“The setting made me feel relaxed and comfortable” 6/7 completly agreed, 1 agreed.

“I feel more engaged with the natural world” 6/7 completely agreed, 1 neither agreed nor disagreed.

“Coming here makes me feel better able to cope with life’s stresses” 7/7 completely agree

“I would recommend EcoWild’s Nature Nurture to a friend or relative” 7/7 completely agree

Nature Nurture 2015

This is the best school day EVER!

Ella, Year 6, St Mary's Timsbury

“I really liked being barefoot in the stream best!”

“I liked being outside best, because usually I am inside all the time.”

“Playing in the stream and making dens, playing games was really good”

“I’m definitely coming again”

Half-term feedback, 5-12 year olds

describe in 3 words your EcoWild adventure

“Fabulous, amazing, adventurous!”

“fantastic, amazing, great”

“looking after the fire, looking after the fire. looking after the fire!”

“amazing, outstanding, epic”

“nice, amazing, i liked whittling!” Daisy

“whittling & strikers were best” Albi

Easter Woodland Adventures

Apologies, for the delayed thank you for giving my grandson Isaac such a wonderful experience last Thursday. He is still carrying his stick and talking about “his adventures” all the time. You can bet he will be up for some more adventures in future school hols. Thank you.

Woodland Wildlife Adventure, Easter hols

Out of 5 how many stars do you give today?

Jack 5/5

Sam 5/5

Jack C 5/5

Kobi 4.5/5

Sam ” the fire was quite exciting”

Jack “Best thing was looking after our baby” (the kelly kettle!)

Tool Skills Day

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